Devil Made Microphones began with me, Jon Mickels, writing some songs, somewhere around 2005. after I'd written a few I asked my friends Nik Warren, from the band StuK, and Brett Jones, from the band Seven Years Past, to jam with me and see how it goes. We got together and jammed on the tunes I had already written and inevitably we started writing a few new ones. Once we had a decent size set list we started playing shows around Sarasota, then eventually ventured into St. Petersburgh and Cape Coral and a few other surrounding cities. We played as an acoustic 3 piece for a couple of years until Nik got us the opportunity to open for one of our favorite bands, Taproot. Being that Taproot is a heavier rock band we had to do something we had talked about several times. We pulled out the electric guitars, plugged in and turned up. Of course we needed a drummer and a bassist to round out the rock and roll sound so we enlisted the help of our friends, Mohsen Katiraee, for the drums and, Roger Hughes to slap a da bass. That gave us our start as a rock band and we did that for several years with several different people coming and going for the drums and bass. Joe Morningstar played drums at one point. Mike Partee played both bass and drums at different points. Brad Prior Slapped the bass for a while. As a rock band we got the opportunity to open for several more of our favorite bands and had a really great run, but as things sometimes do it all began to unwind and sometime around 2014 we stopped playing shows. Devil Made Microphones has been quiet since then. I have still been playing shows by myself and continuing on, leaving the name Devil Made Microphones to the side, in hopes that one day the original 3 could reunite to play again. after 7 or so years and many attempts my hopes have dwindled, so I have decided to continue on my own but bring Devil Made Microphones back to life so for now Devil Made Microphones is just me but hopefully others will join me throughout my journey and maybe one day I can sway the other two back but either way Devil Made Microphones Lives on!